Ever Eden Literary Journal Subscription

Ever Eden Literary Journal Subscription

48.00 every 12 months 60.00 every 12 months

The first issue you will receive will be the Winter 2019 issue.

Fresh literary works delivered to your mailbox four times a year, with complementary access to any/all digital files of the issues during your subscription, starting with summer 2019.

When is the last time you read something that really moved you?

Are you stuck in the cycle of reading clickbait content and cookie-cutter articles? Do you have several half-read books laying around your house because you don’t have the time to really dive in and you ultimately lose interest or give up?

Get ready to experience quality content you can pick up and put down. Dive into a literary oasis with Ever Eden Literary Journal.

Features an average of 84 pages of creative writing from both experienced and emerging writers and poets. Printed on 80# matte paper, this 8.375” x 5.375” book will soon become your go-to literary oasis.

Your first issue will be the Winter issue, set to arrive in December 2019.
Subscription renews yearly unless canceled.

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Ever Eden Literary Journal is a collection of creative literature that we hand-select and ship to your door four times a year. Our literary journal is comprised of pieces that are heartfelt, beautiful and thought-provoking. It is written by a cast of all Catholic women who write flowing from their identity in Christ. The best part: each piece can be easily read in one sitting. You can consume the pieces in our literary journal in small chunks, like you would scrolling a blog post. However, these pieces are designed to move you. They draw you to wonder. You will find yourself thinking about the writing, the themes and the beauty found in words.

The subscription will include four literary journals that contain pieces written by Catholic women writers. Any order past 12/1 will receive the winter issue as the first issue in the subscription. That issue will be shipped in December 2019. You can anticipate a fresh literary journal to arrive at your door approximately every 3 months after the first one arrives.

Designed artfully
We worked with one of the best designers to help the beauty of the words spill onto the rest of the page into our entire journal. Enjoy beautiful pull quote pages,
Our cover features a local Catholic woman artist’s gorgeous painting.

Printed with your senses in mind
We didn’t skimp on the printing. Ever Eden Literary Journal is perfect bound. Your hands will glide over 80# matte finish paper complemented by our 100# matte cover.
Coming in at a finished size of 5.375” x 8.375” our literary journal will look more like a little book, with all the feel of a magazine.

Why us?
We’re moms—hardworking, amazing moms. We each have three children (Amy’s within 19 months and Natalie’s within 3 years) so we know a thing or two about a busy “your hands are full lifestyle.”


Flannery O’Connor was once asked by a student, “Miss O’Connor, why do you write?”  She quipped, “Because I am good at it.”  Ever Eden Literary Journal is a revelation.  Written by faithful Catholic women, it seeks to engage culture through the creative written word.  It is poignant, wonderful, deep and exquisite.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.  If the Church is to reclaim her role as the patron of the arts, it will be because of artistic endeavors like Ever Eden.  The writers of Ever Eden seek to use the beauty of the written word to bring others into an encounter with the eternal Word—a task eminently worth doing—and, oh, they’re good at it.  

--Fr. John Parks, Vicar for Evangelization 
Diocese of Phoenix

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