Meet Katie Hollcraft

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Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Katie Hollcraft. I am 26-years-old and a Benedictine College alumnae (Go Ravens!). I just finished up two years of mission work with Saint Paul’s Outreach, where I worked with the college students of Northeastern University in Boston.


Tell us a little about where you grew up and where you live now? How does it influence your writing?

I grew up in a farm town in California. My best memories growing up were the long, hot summer days, eating fresh fruit and spending hours in the water. I’ve lived many places since becoming an adult, but some of my best work seems to involve summertime which may have to do with my California roots.

How did you get started writing?

I started writing because of my love for poetry. It was always my favorite section in my english classes growing up. One year in middle school, I had to write my own poetry for a project. After that I just never stopped.

What does your writing routine look like?

Having a routine for writing is a work in progress, I just try to do a little everyday.

What are some things you do to get yourself in creative thinking mode?

I usually sit with an empty google doc titled ‘brain dump’ and set a timer for 5 minutes. It usually gets me into writing mode. If I hit a wall, I go for a walk - around the neighborhood, around the room, it just helps to move.

Which authors inspire you and your writing? What about them particularly moves you?

Some of my favorites are GK Chesterton and LM Montgomery. I love the depth and truth with which both these authors write; creating vivid, fictitious worlds that look and feel like our own. Everytime I read either of them I want to get up and begin writing myself.

What was the inspiration for the piece included in our issue?

My poem, title XYZ, in the Fall issue was inspired by sisterhood and the beauty of female friendships.

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