Gift a One Year Subscription!

Gift a One Year Subscription!


The first issue your recipient will receive will be the Summer 2019 issue.

Fresh literary works delivered to your loved one’s mailbox four times a year

When is the last time you read something that really moved you?

Are you stuck in the cycle of reading clickbait content and cookie-cutter articles? Do you have several half-read books laying around your house because you don’t have the time to really dive in and you ultimately lose interest or give up?

Get ready to experience quality content you can pick up and put down. Dive into a literary oasis with Ever Eden Literary Journal.

Features creative writing from both experienced and emerging writers and poets. Printed on 80# matte paper, this 8.375” x 5.375” book will soon become your go-to literary oasis.

Your first issue will be the Summer issue, set to arrive in June 2019. Gift subscription will not renew automatically.

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